Just like snowflakes, no two penises are alike. Since there are many different penis shapes and sizes, here are our top measuring tips for your best condom fit.

Top Questions

Do I measure hard or soft?

Fully erect! The state in which “the sex” happens. Not being fully erect could lead to the condom being a little too tight, or generally not a great fit.

How do I measure?

We have a few easy options to find your MyONE FitCode (size code, such as 45C), after which you can get a sample kit to confirm your size before you buy.

Download and print the FitKit. Follow the directions on the FitKit (be sure to print the file at 100%), and find your customized size code.

Use a measuring tape (or a piece of paper and a ruler!), and enter your measurements here.

No time to measure?. Check out the new MyONE Quick Samplers in the Snug, Classic and Large range. Pick a sampler based on your prior experiences with condoms.

45C, 51G, 64K — What’s up with the size codes is this dick bingo?

If there’s an event called Dick Bingo, plz send invite. MyONE FitCodes consist of a Widht Number (such as 45) and a Length Letter (such as C). Combine those to find your FitCode (such as 45C). Learn more about our FitCode system.

How do I know what a great condom fit feels like?

The condom should be long enough so that it covers the entire shaft from base to tip (so you get full protection). But not so long that there’s a lot of extra latex that either bunches at the base (like a tight rubber band), or hangs off at the tip.

When it comes to girth, the condom should be snug enough so that it stays on comfortably. But the condom shouldn’t be so tight that it feels like your penis is experiencing the dreaded “red ring of death.”

How do the sizing recommendations work?

The recommendations are based on years of data and a formula for ideal fit. They recommend a condom length slightly longer than your penis length (to make sure it’ll cover from base to tip). And a condom circumference that’s slightly tighter than your penis circumference, to ensure the condom will stay snug in place. We also have the sample kits, so you can take myONE for a test drive before you buy.

What if mine curves hard to the left?

Whether it curves left or right — or up or down — measure on the longer side. Imagine a curvy banana. Measure on the longer side of the curve, to make sure your condom is long enough to give you full coverage from base to tip.

How hard do I wrap this measuring kit around?

When measuring your circumference (the "wrap around" step) don't wrap too tightly. It's not like you're trying to strangle a garden snake. You're aiming for an accurate but comfortable measurement so hold the FitKit gently in place.

What if my girth is thicker at some parts than others?

What we often recommend is take a few measurements, and calculate the average (who says you don’t use math after high school). And then start out with our sample kits. The sample kit comes with two condoms, which typically are the same length but vary in girth. And if you end up wanting to try something looser or tighter, we’re happy to send a free sample kit of another size based on your experience.

Can I test a size before I buy?

Yes! On each of the Find Your Fit pages, you’ll see the option to GET SAMPLES once you get the size code. Sample kits come with the size you measured, plus another recommended size. And if neither is a great fit, we’re happy to recommend and send a free sample kit of another size based on your experience.

What’s the best way to test the samples?

A super fun way is masturbating with the condom on. That way, you can check the fit before you get sexy with someone else. Does it feel snug like it stays on, but still comfy? Is it long enough to cover from base to tip, with not much latex roll up at the base? Who says science can’t be sexy? .

How can I bring up measuring in a conversation?

This is a question we get all the time from partners of condom users, so we asked our customers for their best advice. Check it out, here.

Standard condoms slip off, what does that mean? Is it common?

Standard condoms on the market are about 7 - 7.5 inches long, or about 2 inches longer than the average penis. And according to one study, standard condoms are too long for over 91% of condom users. Many of our customers say they experience condom slippage with standard condoms, because they are either too long and/or too loose. As a myONE customer says: “By being able to measure myself and get custom fitted condoms [with myONE], well it makes all the difference in the world. Just the right length, no left-over roll, and the width was a great fit, just snug enough for great sensations but no slippage! So much better that off the shelf standard condoms.”

Why do extra-large condoms still feel too small?

Most common is that the condom is actually TOO TIGHT. And standard condoms are too long for many condom users, which means that extra latex bunches at the base like a rubber band — causing the condom to feel EVEN TIGHTER. So many people then go purchase an extra-large condom. But those tend to be longer and just a tad wider, making the issue of the unrolled latex even worse. That’s why myONE comes in 10 lengths and 9 girths, so you can customize both.

“No more pain/packed sausage feeling. Thank you for not only going by length but for going by girth too. If more people knew about this, I feel like condoms would be used way more.” – myONE customer.

I am blessed with a foreskin, should I measure differently?

Add a letter to your length code to ensure you get extra length in your condom fitting. For example, length code 'C' becomes 'D', 'D' becomes 'E' and so on. You can see those codes right on the FitKit.