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Perfect Condom Fit Is About Length And Girth

Do you ever wonder how to tell if a condom is too small? Did you try going up a size and sample some of the “large” condoms, and still find that the condom won’t fit? Even when you try the biggest condom size on the shelf?

When most people complain about condoms being too small, what they often mean is the condom is too tight (condom too tight at the base, condom too narrow, etc.). Why is that? Because standard condoms are way too long for most people, that extra latex can bunch up at the base — making the condom feel even tighter. Ouch! This is true for larger condom sizes as well. The XL truth about XL condoms is that they are often longer, but not much wider, than a standard condom. For penises that are shorter but wider than a standard condom, XL condoms will do no justice.

How should a condom fit?

Before going any further, let’s first discuss proper condom fit. With proper condom fit, it’s about finding the perfect length and width combo. To ensure proper protection, condoms should be long enough to fully cover your erection from base to tip for maximum protection against STIs that are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. And while condoms should be snug enough not to slip or fall off, they should not be so tight that it causes discomfort. MyONE® sizing recommendations are based on a formula for ideal fit. Our sizing tools recommend a condom length slightly longer than penis length (to ensure full coverage), and a condom circumference slightly tighter than penis circumference (to ensure it will stay in place).

World’s biggest condom!

It’s that second piece that many people struggle with: discomfort. Condom users around the world deal with condoms that are too tight in one way or another. We at MyONE® think we can do better. So, we created 52 condom sizes, including the world’s biggest condom! And we hope we can extend to even larger sizes in the future.

Three easy ways to get the perfect fit condom.

Measure with
the FitKit®.

Print, get it up, measure, and bam!
Get your MyONE size code in minutes.

Enter your own measurements.

The old school way to measure. Use a
measuring tape or a piece of paper & a ruler.


Get a quick 3-count sampler based on prior experiences with regular condoms.

We’re pretty proud about how that sets us apart from other brands, but don’t take our word for it.

Here’s the long and short (and wide) of it:

Traditional ‘Large’ Condoms vs. MyONE® Custom Fit


Pretty telling, right? Three of the XL condom brands we measured are coming in right around the same width as a standard sized condom. Seems like XL should stand for extra long and not extra large. Simply put, the larger sized condoms don’t necessarily offer a solution to condoms feeling too small or too tight. What if you want a condom that’s shorter but wider? Current XL condoms on the market will not help with that.

That can mean a number of things for your sexual experience:

  • The base of the condom may dig into the flesh of your penis, which compresses the blood vessels and nerve endings and can significantly decrease sensation. Many customers call this, “the red ring of death.” Yes, it is an Xbox reference.
  • Discomfort could lead to the loss of your erection or an inability to orgasm.

Perhaps, you’re thinking "Do condoms stretch?" or wondering if it is just a matter of stretching the latex to create more room. Many of us may fondly remember the exercise where our teacher put their whole arm into a condom in health class. However, just because something stretches & fits doesn’t mean it’s comfortable. We believe penises deserve protection, while also being comfy. At the end of the day, how often would people wear shoes that “fit”, but that are way too tight? Those shoes would hinder performance, comfort, and most people might just go barefoot.

Ok, so what is the solution then? It’s about finding the proper condom length and girth combination. MyONE® condoms are almost a full inch longer than XL condoms, and offer 9 different girth options.

Introducing Nominal Width / Circumference

Yes, we know this might sound a little complicated, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. Nominal width is a number used in condom manufacturing to understand condom width. Basically, nominal width = the width of the condom when laid flat. And because a penis is dicult to measure when flat, we also layer on a measure of circumference! Take the nominal width, multiply it by 2, and you’ve got the approximate condom circumference. Important: condom circumference should be slightly tighter than the penis circumference to ensure that the condom will stay snug in place. The good news is our sizing recommendations already account for that.

Alright, so we’ve got a formula for success, but why is this so important for finding a great fitting condom? By accounting for nominal width and circumference, it is possible to more accurately measure the most comfortable and secure level of tightness for your next condom use. Yes, you could probably make a condom that is too small for your girth fit by stretching the latex, but why settle? Just because condoms stretch, doesn’t make them comfortable. With MyONE®, you can have both.


If you’ve tried ‘large’ condom sizes and are not satisfied, try something different with MyONE®. In the same way that consumers can customize their sizing when it comes to bras or shoes, this new approach to condom sizing allows for each user to match a combination of ideal sizes for length and girth. Even if you need the biggest condom in the world (for us it’s 64M), we’ve got you covered.

Customers Love It

Beyond the physical benefits of using a better fitting condom and having more enjoyable sex, our customers talk about what a confidence boost it is to finally no longer worry about fit issues like tightness and discomfort. And we’re getting rave reviews! So long, “red ring of death”!