Collection: ONE Condoms - Foreskin Favorites

79% of our Foreskin Survey respondents reported they had difficulty using condoms with their foreskin. A lot of the challenges were related to fit, which is why many preferred our MyONE® Custom Fit™ lineup of 52 condom sizes. They found a FitCode that enabled them to enjoy the natural gliding action of their foreskin without having to worry about friction and breakages. Their experience was further enhanced by adding some extra lubricant in the tip of the condom prior to putting it on.

For those lucky enough to have a proper fit with standard sized condoms, there are few amazing options under our ONE® brand. People loved our thinner and extra lubricated ONE® styles such as Vanish®, Super Sensitive™, and UltraFeel®. People also loved our styles with a little extra room at the head like Pleasure Plus®, which even features a unique pouch at the tip with a ribbed texture for pleasure. The pouch moves back and forth during sex, stimulating both partners simultaneously. Learn more at & get foreskin pleasure tips on our blog.