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Oh hey! We're ONE Condoms. You may have recently heard our condoms are the first brand ever to be labeled for safe and effective use for anal sex. We're excited, booties everywhere are excited.

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We've seen some media report that we designed a condom specifically for anal sex. This is not accurate, so let's clear it up. Our existing ONE Condoms and myONE fitted condoms became the first brands ever approved by the FDA for anal. Our condoms are also still approved for vaginal sex. 

Condoms have previously only been approved for vaginal sex – because no one had ever brought data to the FDA showing condoms are also safe for anal sex. In a clinical trial published in 2019, conducted by Emory University, our condoms used during anal sex failed less than 1% of the time. This clinical trial provided the data we needed to submit a De Novo Request to the FDA to expand the intended use claim of ONE and myONE Condoms to include anal sex. On February 23rd, 2022, FDA accepted this request. This was a 10 year project in the making, and we're super excited what this means for public health outreach.

The FDA clearance provides another layer of confidence for consumers to know their health is a priority. It also empowers us to have deeper conversations about sexual health education on a larger scale and influence key stakeholders to follow our lead. ONE Condoms are the first condom brand ever to be labeled for safe and effective use for anal sex. This is a massive moment in public health and one of our most significant company accomplishments.

And another quick note: Our brand is ONE Condoms, not "One Male Condom." FDA still uses "male condom" as a term, and used that in their press release. So then articles described us as "One Male Condom." That's not our name - it's ONE Condoms. As a brand, we use the term "external condom" instead to be inclusive. Our mission is to be a brand for everyONE. 

Speaking of being a brand for all, our myONE fitted condom has 10 lengths and 9 widths. Stop settling for condoms that just don't fit right. Get it up, measure it up, and get a sample kit.

"We want people to have lots of sex – but we also want them to be empowered and informed. This recognition from the FDA highlights the substantial protection ONE Condoms provide for anal sex, which we hope enhances trust, leads to increased use, and lessens the new cases of sexually transmitted infections," said Davin Wedel, president and founder of ONE Condoms.

ONE Condoms are now FDA approved for anal