Become an Affiliate for ONE® Condoms Today!

Join the largest condom manufacturer in the world on our mission. We believe in promoting sexual health by encouraging open conversation about sex and sexuality. If you have a website, you can help! By talking about ONE® Condoms as an affiliate, not only you will be earning money from the traffic you drive to our website, but you will be part of something bigger, to promote better public health with us.

Applying is free and easy

Simply follow this link to sign up as a Share A Sale publisher and apply to our program directly. Once your application has been approved, you simply choose a link, creative graphics, or special promotion to post on your website. You will get a commission every time someone makes a purchase on when they use your link.

Benefits of participating in our Affiliate program include:

  • 10% commission on qualified sales (including electronic gift cards)
  • No Return Hassles (since medical device cannot be returned)
  • Exciting promotions and sales every week
  • A variety of link types, including text links, banners, and individual product links
  • customers average $30 per purchase

A few more great reasons to apply: is backed by the largest manufacturer in the world with an experienced in-house affiliate team.

Grow your audience demographic from young adults to boomers: We are the largest US condom provider to non-profit, Health, and college organizations around the country with tens of millions of users every year.

We have the product know how: We have the R&D capability to make some of the best condoms on the planet. Our UltraFeel condoms, for example, are the only condom in US featuring 2-in-1 lubricant pouch for the best comfort and pleasure.

If you have any questions or request in regards to our affiliate program, please email us at