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Sex educator spotlight: Mystkue Woods

At ONE Condoms, we love working with sexual health educators. Our latest educator highlight is the incredible Mystkue Woods. She specializes in integrating expressive art modalities to enhance programming that promotes positive attitudes toward sexual health through engaging workshops and experiences via Mystkue Publications, L.L.C. Check out our Q&A! 

What inspired you to work in sexual health?

I was inspired to get into sexual health because I wanted to be a positive example for inner city youth to be able to use as a resource that would give them information that was medically accurate, developmentally appropriate for youth to understand. I also wanted to provide a safe space for youth to explore their curiosity in sexuality and personal development that was free of judgment.

What do your daily projects & work within this field look like?

Daily projects consist of running a Public Health Campaign entitled Black Women PrEP Too, which is a virtual campaign that seeks to encourage, educate, and empower Women of Color to take initiative in their sexual health journeys. Additionally, I am a PrEP navigator where I advocate and support patients with getting access to Pre-exposure Prophylaxis. Finally, I create and conduct workshops that teach a variety of sexuality topics for ages 12-24 and do sexuality education coaching.

What do you think is still lacking in sexual health education & outreach? / What are some of the challenges you see?

I often see a lack of cultural competency and a reduction of stigma and shame. These challenges often arise when individuals have not been taught to be comfortable in speaking about sexuality. I also believe that the nuances of understanding how sexuality is prevalent in so many ways and isn’t just indicative of the act itself. I combat these challenges but creating opportunities to have open and honest dialogue with individuals who are willing to magnify the things that bring them discomfort when discussing sexuality matters and normalize that thoughts, emotions, and realities are all valid in the space.

How were you introduced to the ONE Condoms brand?

I was introduced to ONE at a sexology conference and I have been in love with the creative marketing and community based component of the company ever since. ONE and Mystkue have been able to partner with Black Women PrEP Too and the Miseducation of Sex Education-themed condoms -- both are which are used during our community events.

Who are some of your sex ed superheroes?

Some of my sexed superheroes are Dr. Lexx Brown James, Dr. Traci Gilbert, Goody Howard, Rafaella Smith-Fiallo, Dr. Shameka Thorpe, Dr. Donna Oriowo, Justine Ang Fonte, Dr. Tanya Bass, and Steph Zapata to name a few!

What resources do you find interesting and educational within this field?

I love Advocates for Youth, Afrosexology, Teen Health Network, and all the books particularly books written by BIPOC sexuality professionals.

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