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Making a Condom Commercial: ONE Sits Down with Blue Puffin Media

Artists and designers are the heart and soul of ONE®. ONE® recently sat down with Aaron Rudman, Producer at Blue Puffin Media. As part of our rebranding this fall, Aaron directed a commercial for ONE®, titled Sex Upgrade Activated. We were super impressed and excited with the result, so we sat down with Aaron to hear more about his story.

It’s a part of ONE®’s mission to build a community where we share knowledge, passion, and ideas. We were so excited to partner with Blue Puffin Media, as they educate, inspire, and entertain amateur filmmakers.

How did you get into filmmaking?

Growing up, my dad used to tell my sister and I stories every night. I picked up storytelling from him, and always thought his stories were really cool as he would make them up on the spot and they were hilarious. He gave me a camera when I turned ten, and even though it was a dinky little camera and wasn’t very good, I started filming videos around the house with family and friends. Fast forward to junior year of high school, my dad pushed me to take my passion for film and turn it into a business, and that turned into Blue Puffin Media! I started doing event work, and eventually transitioned into other variations of film including real estate, music videos, corporate events, and video advertisements. During the pandemic, I started a TikTok account where I create educational videos for amateur filmmakers. I want to share the knowledge I have, in the hopes that it inspires other people.

What inspired you when you were creating the ONE commercial?

I get sporadic inspiration throughout the day, and one day I was on YouTube where I saw a light reveal technique. I set out to recreate this technique throughout the commercial. When I learned of the goals for the commercial, the technique seemed like a natural fit!

What was the most challenging part of filming the commercial?

The most challenging part was getting the one shot of the rotating condoms. I originally wanted to have a massive waterfall of condoms in the shot, but the shot didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. I ended up piercing a bamboo skewer through a few of the condoms, attached it to a drill, and then individually recording a few condoms spinning. In the editing process, I stitched them together and speed-ramped it to mash up with the music. Figuring out that workaround was definitely the most challenging part of the process.

Want to see the bamboo sticks in action? Check out the behind the scenes video here. 


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Can't see the video? Click here.

What was the most fun part of filming the commercial?

The most fun part for me was involving friends and family in the filming process. It was fun having people with me on the shoot, getting into it even though they weren’t filmmakers themselves. It was fun for me as it was another instance where I was able to teach certain techniques to people who don’t have a background in film.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

The whole experience of working with ONE was incredibly exciting. At first it was a little daunting, but the process was smooth and easy, and the entire team was excited with the result. It didn’t really feel like work! Blue Puffin Media can be found on TikTok @BluePuffinMedia or online at

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