Let's dance: Promoting Sexual Health through Music & the Caribbean Nights Series - ONE®

Let's dance: Promoting Sexual Health through Music & the Caribbean Nights Series

The heart of ONE's mission is to help support existing and upcoming artists, as we partner together to promote sexual health in creative ways. That's why our team at ONE® partnered with Salli Squitieri for the Safer Sex Campaign effort as part of the Caribbean Nights Series, which has been integrated into performing artists tours, fitness programs and theaters.

Salli Squitieri is the founder of The Caribbean Nights Series and she represents an array of Caribbean Artists with artist development, bookings, management and promotions she has been involved in in various capacities within the music industry for 45 years.
The Caribbean Nights Series proudly presents both up and coming and renowned artists.

As part of Salli’s Music Series held at the Kraine Theater in NYC, she has founded and implemented a Caribbean Nights Segment as a means to create a new forum enabling Caribbean (and neighboring) voices and music to be heard. Not only are the artists presented, but the series also celebrates the richness and beauty of each artist’s culture. The Caribbean Night Series is a multimedia event that includes a video/slide presentation of the artist’s homeland, sometimes a supporting performer, and an interview with the artists, full performance, and free door prize drawings and after the show, Meet and Greet with artists. The events are in an intimate up close and personal theater setting. 

This effort by Salli Squitieri was started by Vincy Soca Artist MaddZart, who was the ambassador for the “Catch the Vibe Not the Virus” campaign initiated by the Vincentian Ministry of Health. Salli Squitieri has continued the Safer Sex Campaign by bringing it to the United States, and artists have been jumping aboard to spread the word of “Have Fun, Be Safe, Be Protected.”

Among the artists and entities involved in the effort and distribution of ONE® Condoms at their performances and events as part of Salli Squitieri’s Productions and Safer Sex Campaign are:
Salli Squitieri’s Productions/Caribbean Nights Series (Learn More)
Vincentian Soca Artist MaddZart (Learn More)


Honduran Garifuna Spanish Reggae Urban Artist Panchan (Learn More) & DJ Nelson (Learn More)

Vincentian Pan Player Wayne Commissiong (Learn More)

Haitian Reggae Rock Artist Smax Music (Learn More)

Vincentian American Reggae Hip Hop Artist HYMM Legendary (Learn More)

Vincenian Reggae Artist Qshan Deya (Learn More)
Curtis C (Learn More)

NYC Based Rising Sun Performance Co (Learn More)
NYC Based Pon De Flo (Learn More)


Horse Trade/Frigid NY (Learn More)


We are so excited to be working with such talented artist and advocates. We are incredibly thankful for Salli and her passion to bring communities together to celebrate culture, health, and art!


For Artist Booking requests: Contact: Salli Squitieri  sallisquitieri@yahoo.com 

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